Business in Cottage Grove

Local Economy

More than 500 retail, trade and service businesses work hard to serve the public in Cottage Grove’s historic downtown business district, two shopping centers and other commercial areas. Be sure to visit our antique, curio and specialty shops. Restaurants, cafés and art galleries provide a full day of activities.

Once thought of as a timber-dependent community, Cottage Grove is successfully diversifying its economy. Cottage Grove has been designated an Enterprise Zone by the state, offering incentives to businesses that expand or locate in the community. Our largest employers are South Lane School District, the City of Cottage Grove, PeaceHealth Cottage Grove Community Medical Center, Weyerhaeuser Company, Starfire Lumber, Pacific Yurts, Walmart, Safeway and Kimwood Machinery, Inc. Plum Creek Timber’s nursery and forest research facility is developing and improving nursery stock used around the world. In the secondary wood products industry Pacific Yurts is known worldwide. Other businesses located in Cottage Grove’s industrial parks include Wright Machine Tool, Territorial Seed Co., and King Estate Cottage Grove Warehouse.

Other industries, including manufacturing, health and medical services, professional services and a variety of agricultural businesses also provide many jobs in the community.

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